Beware of Cheap Imitations - There is only one NIT FREE TERMINATOR

Patented Worldwide

  • 33 Spiral Micro-grooved Cutting Teeth
  • Four Non Slipping Bands
  • High Precision Rounded Ends

There are copies on the market, often recognisable with three not four non - slip bands on the handle. They look almost identical but are not engineered in this unique patented way. Far less effective, they lack the spiral micro-grooved teeth and the gap between teeth is greater than the size of the smallest nit (egg). Therefore the lice life cycle is not broken and within a few days the nits will hatch into lice and you are back to the beginning.

The patent protects the Nit Free Terminator's exclusive spiral teeth embedded closely in steel as opposed to plastic. The plastic prohibits copy combs from having a small enough gap between the teeth to remove nits (eggs), and the teeth do not flex so will pull on the hair.