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How effective are over-the-counter shampoos for treating Head Lice?

Head Lice have evolved into ‘Super Lice’ and developed resistance to the chemicals in Head Lice shampoos and treatments, which is why a fine-toothed Head Lice comb is necessary, like the Nit Free Terminator


Can we just give our child a buzz cut to get rid of the Head Lice?

Unfortunately, that will not solve the problem.  Nits (lice eggs) can be laid within ¼ inch of the scalp so a grade two buzz cut is still long enough to harbour nits.  A full skin head would remove all lice and nits leaving nothing for them to hang onto and hide in.


Will my pets need Head Lice treatment?

No.  Head Lice are ‘species specific’ and only feed on the blood of Humans.


My daughter has some signs of eggs in her hair, but she’s not itching.  Does that mean she doesn’t have live Head Lice?

Only around 50% of people with Head Lice experience itching, so it is very possible to have a Head Lice infestation without feeling itchy.  Its recommended to comb damp hair with a fine soothes nit comb as soon as possible to remove lice and nits before they escalate.  


My child has Head Lice.  Does everyone in our household need to be checked?

Often the close relatives or friends of someone with Head Lice will catch them due to being in close proximity and sharing items, so it is best to check and treat all household members equally.


Why did my child get Head Lice?  She is clean and washes her hair every day.

Head Lice do not discriminate, they don’t care if your hair is clean or dirty, long or short, thick or thin.  If your child has had head-to-head contact with someone else who has Head Lice, chances are they will catch them.


How do I know if my child has Head Lice?

There are a few ways to check.  Take a look at our Facts page for ways to check for Head Lice.


I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals or pesticides on my child’s head to get rid of the Head Lice.  What else can I do?

You should use a fine-toothed nit comb such as the Nit Free Terminator, which is scientifically proven to be extremely effective and obviously free of toxins.  Although the comb is most effective used just on wet, detangled hair, we would still recommend using in conjunction with a conditioner or natural oil.  This stuns the lice, temporarily immobilising them, plus the comb will glide through the hair more easily which is less stressful for the patient.


Are Head Lice dangerous?

No.  Head Lice pose no immediate health risk and are not known to spread any diseases, they’re just a nuisance.  Only in extreme cases will secondary infections occur if open sores develop from excessive itching.  There may be a risk from using some of the chemical treatments which can cause serious side effects.


What products should I use to treat my child’s Head Lice?

As there are no OTC or prescription products that are 100% safe and scientifically proven to be 100% effective against removing Head Lice and Nits, it is recommended to use a fine toothed not comb, like the Nit Free Terminator to manually remove nits and lice. This method enables families to detect Head Lice early and thoroughly remove them without any nasty side-effects.


What is a good way to prevent Head Lice from getting on long hair?

By keeping your hair tied up in a bun or a braid will make it more difficult for them to get into the hair, although it’s not a guaranteed method, it’s definitely worth trying.


How can I minimize my child’s risk of catching Head Lice?

By keeping hair tied up, avoid sharing hats and brushes, limit head to head contact and be proactive by regularly checking/combing through the hair to catch the eggs as early as possible.


Where are Nits found?

The most common areas are close to the base of the hair shaft, usually behind the ears or nape of the neck.


Why do I need to use a Nit comb and not just a regular comb?

Studies have shown that combing with the Nit Free Terminator, is far more effective.  The spiral micro - grooves along the tooth of the comb shave the lice and nits from the hair without damaging the scalp.  Plus the distance between the combs teeth is small enough to ensure that even the tiniest egg is captured.